Adoption Costs

Thank you for being so excited for us and for caring so much about our little family! We are so excited to begin the process for a second adoption, and to find Lucas a brother or sister.

Adoption can be a financially demanding process and this page details our adoption expenses. 

We are so grateful for your help!

Application Fee - Application fee to do an initial review of a couple's application and create a file.

Homestudy Agency Fee - This is the process by which we are licensed by the state of Wisconsin to adopt a child.

Program Fee #1 - This fee helps our adoption agency network with birthmothers and provide counseling and support to those considering making an adoption plan. At this point our agency shares our profile book with the birthmothers they are serving.

Program Fee #2 - Due at placement, these fees help support all of the work that go into connecting birthmothers with potential adoptive parents. Adoption agencies are available to field calls from birthmothers considering adoption, answer questions, and provide support. Once a birthmother chooses to place her child for adoption, a lot goes into supporting her. The agency works with the birthmother to gather medical records, connect her with community resources, and make a detailed adoption plan.

Post Placement Fee - Due at placement, cover the post-placement social worker visits that are required by the state during the six months until the adoption is finalized. Finally they help cover the cost of extra paperwork needed in an interstate adoption

Legal Fees - A lawyer is needed to make sure all the legal protocol and requirements are met. Sometimes two lawyers are needed if the child is born in one state and the adoptive parents live in another state.

Birthmother Expenses - When a birthmother makes an adoption plan, she often needs help with extra expenses for health care costs, maternity clothes, etc. Also, she may need to take time off of work and need help with rent, utility bills, etc.

We are so very grateful for your prayers and support!

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