Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Next Steps: Profile Books and A Leap of Faith

We updated our profile book to include our sweet Lucas. So fun to share what we've been up to as a family of three!

We sent 10 copies to our agency to share with women who are considering adoption for their baby.

We also paid our $9,000 Program #1 fee (definitely a leap of faith!!!). This fee helps our adoption agency network with birthparents, and provide counseling and support to those considering making an adoption plan. 

Now we wait and pray for the next little one to join our family, in God's time.

Thank you for walking alongside us and helping us spread the word!!!

 - Mike and Mary Beth

Sunday, October 9, 2016

You are. Here.

At first, there is us. There is only us. 
But even then, even before we know it, we wish you were here.
So we make plans for you. We learn. We build. We journey.
And then we wait. We listen. So quiet, so patient, so still. And we wait...but you never come and everything stops.
This is not what we planned. We wish you were here.
Time passes. We carry on. We live. We hope. We do not make plans.
And one day from out of the blue, there is a sound.
We listen, we hold on, we stay still...
As that sound becomes a rumble, becomes a rhythm, becomes a roar. And with every feeling that was ever felt, everything happens. That everything is you. That everything is us.
You are here. You are here. You are. Here.
-Wish by Matthew Cordell

One year ago this weekend we met our sweet, precious Lucas for the first time. We are forever grateful to God and to Lucas' birthparents for the gift of being his mom and dad. <3