Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Little Hello

Our sweet little Lucas is nine months! Where did the time go?

A week ago he started pulling himself up on the coffee table, ottoman, and pretty much everything he can.

He is adorable, precious, and wonderful. We are loving every minute as parents!!!

I went back to work three weeks ago and it was super tough to leave Lucas, but after the first few days we got into a routine. Thing are going much better than I thought they would.

Mike is amazing with Lucas at home and he and Lucas are having so much fun spending their days going to the zoo, children's museum, library story time, and playing with mom when she visits on her lunch hour (ie. mom's favorite part of the day!!!).

That face ...and tongue!

Our first family photo together

What an amazing feeling to send a photo Christmas card with our son after six years of praying for a family!

He is seriously, so so so cute!!!

Our families had a baby shower for us!


  1. So cute! We are so happy for you!

  2. That Christmas card is so, so awesome!! Glad everything is going well :)

  3. Oh my, I love, love, love anytime you post pictures! He is so cute and his smile, what a darling! The shower cake is a hoot! I love it!!! Thanks for the update. Hopefully you will make it up to the Twin Cities sometime soon so we can meet Lucas in person!

  4. So happy that things are going well!!

  5. I LOVE this update! What an amazing answered prayer...he is just darling!!!

  6. What a wonderful update! I am so happy for your family!

  7. so so HAPPY for you!!!!!!! what an answer to Prayer!

  8. It looks like a really cute shower!