Friday, July 31, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: Essential Oils, Flower Arranging, and Free Time!

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Still here and finally have time to catch a breath! Here is some of what I've been up to this summer:

1. Test = Over!!!!!
The past 15 months have been an intense time of class several nights a week, a big paper, and a six-hour certification examination. During my studies I somehow amassed quite a collection of pink school supplies. It feels soooooooooooo good to be done. Looking back, I haven't had a weekend off since February. First I was working weekends during tax season, then I was studying every night and every weekend. I can't believe it's over. So excited to have more time. So grateful for the support and patience of my hubby, family, and friends this past year!!!

2. Celebration
We are going to a crepe restaurant tonight to celebrate. A jazz trio plays on the patio on Friday nights. I've never been, but doesn't it sound lovely?!?!?!

3. Essential Oils
Over the past year a number of friends have started using essential oils and raved about the results. I want to join in the fun but not sure where to start. Do you use essential oils? What's your favorite way to use them and which ones?

4. Flower Arranging Class
A friend invited me to a flower arranging class at the library. It was delightful. The teacher gave us some good tips and we got to create our own little arrangements.

5. Life's Tiny Graces
Check out my awesome SIL's blog, "Life's Tiny Graces". My SIL is super creative and crafty and she shares lots of ideas for affordable home decor, crafts, and toddler learning. Check out this patriotic themed decor craft and this post on no-sew baby doll diapers.

6. St. Martha
It was St. Martha's feastday a few days ago. I've always had a soft spot for St. Martha. Probably because I tend to fill my life with too much busyness and not enough time spent with God. I can relate to her struggle. This reflection by St. Teresa of Avila in the Magnificat was lovely:

"O my Lord, how does anyone who has so poorly served you and so poorly known how to keep what you have given her dare ask for favors? What can be entrusted to one who has often been a traitor? What, then, shall I do, Consoler of the disconsolate and Cure for anyone who wants to be cured by you? Would it be better, perhaps, to keep still about my needs, hoping you will provide the remedy for them? Certainly not; for you, my Lord and my delight, knowing the many needs there must be and the comfort it is for us to rely on you, tell us to ask you and that you will not fail to give."

7. St. Hannah and Infertility
The story of Hannah in the Bible has been on my mind lately. Probably partly because the infertility support group I lead is named after Hannah and we have a meeting coming up. Hannah cried out to God and was blessed with her son Samuel, after years of infertility. Infertility still hurts. So much. I feel like such a wimp. So many others are going through their own difficult struggles with way more grace than I am. Mike and I are so blessed in so many ways. What is my problem?!?!?! As excited as I am about the accomplishment of passing my test, I SO wish I could be a mom and join the ranks of my many pregnant friends. 

It is hard to understand why God hasn't said yes to our prayers for children these last six years. I struggle with surrender. "Jesus, please help me surrender and accept this cross!" This is also partly why I relate to St. Martha, I need to spend more time with the Lord! I know that only He can truly heal my heart, but sometimes I am not so good a letting Him. 

If you are in the Chicago area and interested in the infertility support group, more info here.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the weekend!!!