Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So Close

This weekend we came very close to being matched with a little one to join our family, but it was not to be.

How it happened...

A few months ago a friend heard of a birthmother in another state looking for a Catholic family. We sent off our profile to the lawyer coordinating the match. 

For several weeks we didn't hear anything, so we assumed that the birthmother had picked another couple. It didn't bother us too much, because we've heard of a number of potential adoption situations in the past year (thanks to our AMAZING family and friends keeping their eyes and ears open for us), but none have worked out. This situation seemed like more of the same.

A few weeks ago the lawyer coordinating the match reached out to us again. The birthmom had a few follow up questions for us and a few other families. Excited, we penned our response.

Again, nothing for a few weeks, so we assumed a different match had been made.

Last week we heard from the attorney again. The birthmom wanted to talk to us and one other family! Wow! Us and one other family!!!!!! Really!?!?!?! We spent an hour on the phone with the birthmom last week. What started out as a somewhat awkward conversation quickly moved to an easy flow.  We discovered that we had a lot in common: similar values, faith, and interests. We felt hopeful.

All weekend we were cautiously hopeful. Thinking about welcoming a little one soon. Preparing our hearts. Planning for the future.

Today those hopes were paused. The other couple was chosen. Glad for them. So very sad for us.

Lord, help us hope in you.