Friday, March 6, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: Mike's New Hamster, My New Skirt, and Lent

It's such a good feeling to have our adoption home-study done and be officially waiting to connect with a birthmom considering adoption. While we wait, here's a little window into our lives:

1. Mike's New Hamster - Mike got a hamster. He loves it!!! We got a little clear ball to put the hamster in so she can run around the apartment. The funniest part is watching the cat's reactions to the hamster's presence. Priceless.

2. My New Skirt - I've had my eye on a skirt like this since last summer, but could never find quite the right one. So excited to find this one! Thank you to Mike for running to Target with me at 9:00pm to get it. My question is, what to wear with it? Any suggestions?

3. Lent - So far this Lent has been going pretty well. One thing I am trying to do is go to bed by 10:15pm. It's tough but it is also SO MUCH easier to get up in the morning and get some prayer time in. I also think more sleep is helping me cope with work stress better.

4. Stations of the Cross - One of my favorite Lenten devotions is the Stations of the Cross. Last Friday I went to an event at a local parish called "Mary's Way of the Cross". The prayers for each station were from Our Lady's perspective (as she watched Jesus suffer on the way to Calvary). It was beautiful. Last year Mike and I prayed these Stations of the Cross - Infertility Style. Infertility continues to be very tough, so I really need these prayers again this Lent.

5. Tax Season - It's tax season at work, so I have been at the office A LOT. Although it's tough to work so much, Mike has been coming in on Saturdays to keep me company. I work on taxes while he works on his dissertation. So sweet.

6. Thumbs - My thumbs have been tingly lately. It all started three weeks ago with sore wrists for two weeks. Now the sore wrists are gone, but my thumbs have a slight numbness / tingly feeling. It's a weird feeling, so probably going to get it checked out. Has anyone else experienced this?

7. My Dad - I have the best Dad. In the midst of tax season my Dad sent me this super cute card and note. I love my Dad.

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Have a great weekend!