Sunday, January 11, 2015

We're still here...

It's been a while since we've updated ye ole' blog - mostly because there hasn't been much progress on the adoption front.

In October we had a home visit from our social worker. That should have been our last stop before being adoption-ready and having our profile shown to birthmoms.  

But it turns out some additional paperwork was still needed.

First, background checks needed to get submitted to the state. Just now got those back.

While waiting on the state for the background check, our fingerprint checks expired. Those are getting re-submitted. It will take a few weeks to hear back.

The (hopefully) last step: Our social worker will come for a second home visit, since the home visit is only valid for 30 days to completion.

It will probably still be a month or two until our home study is completed with final approval.

So.....we've just been waiting these past few months. Some days it's been patient waiting; other days not so much.

Thanks so much for your prayers!!! Please continue to keep us in mind if you hear of someone considering adoption for their baby.

Mike and Mary Beth