Sunday, December 21, 2014

Missionaries in the Family

Luke, Amy, and their kiddos
About ten years ago while in college I heard of an organization called Family Missions Company (FMC). Family Missions Company is a Catholic ministry that sends lay missionaries around the world. A few friends of mine did spring break mission trips with them. I love that there is a Catholic group equipping and sending out missionaries. 

Fast forward to 2014. 

In August my little brother Luke and his wife Amy felt God calling their family to serve as missionaries through Family Missions Company. Their family includes their five kiddos (Isabelle-7, Elijah-6, Gabriel-5, Maggie-3, Vivian-6mos). Yikes. That is a radical decision.

Luke and Amy had recently sold their home, Luke then quit his job and they got rid of their material possessions. During the past three months they completed three months of intense training. In January their family will be heading to Comiguin Island, Philippines to serve as missionaries. 

Bolle family at missionary training in Mexico
When I first learned that my little brother was taking his family and my five nieces and nephews half way across the world I was surprised, and to be honest, kind of anxious. I discovered that it's one thing to be supportive of missionaries, it's another thing when those missionaries are my brother, sister-in-law, and nieces and nephews! I admit it. I am selfish. Also, I had all the normal fears that come with moving to a third-world country.

Despite my fears, watching Luke and Amy live their faith in this radical way is inspiring and convicting. I am actually quite proud of them. While we are not all called to sell our homes, quit our jobs, and move half-way across the world, we are all called to abandon our lives to Christ and be missionaries to those we encounter in our daily life. As I observe my brother and his wife I've been reflecting on that quite a bit lately.

Could you pray for Luke and Amy these next two years? They will be going through lots of transitions and changes as a family. Also, they are raising financial support for their time in the Philippines. Please consider donating! You can learn more about their family here and also follow their blog at: Bolle Family Missionaries.