Thursday, November 6, 2014

Profile Book Done!

Hey everyone, Mike here.  Just a quick update.

As we play the waiting game on some paperwork (i.e "the adoption process"), we finished our profile book.  Mary Beth is a pro at these layouts, and I added the text.  After a trip to Staples, here's the finished product.

What's a profile book?  When our agency thinks we are a good match with a birth mother, she'll be shown our profile.  She'll actually probably be shown a handful of these books.  It has pictures of us, our families, our home, and our life together, along with some text describing us.  It's from these books that a birth mother will hopefully choose us to meet and make an adoption plan for their baby.

We'll let you know when our profile is eventually shown through our agency, but for now, it's more waiting to connect with a birthmom.

Please be sure to share our blog and our Facebook page, and help us get ourselves out there to hopefully connect with a birth mother.



  1. This looks great!! MB did a great job! Prayers as you begin this exciting period of waiting :)

  2. This looks wonderful - you two are SO photogenic! Well done, and many prayers!!

  3. Our facilitator actually did our profile for us...we just sent them pics. We did do one for Cath. Charities when we tried to adopt through them...lots of work and so happy to have it done. You guys did a nice job!

  4. YAY! We are cheering you on! We hope you will be picked right away!

  5. They look fantastic! I remember feeling such relief when ours were done. Praying those books will connect you with a birthmother very soon! :)

  6. Gorgeous book! Prayers for a birth mother to see and choose you soon!