Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Favorite Infertility Resources

One in six couples experience infertility at some point in their marriage.

I wanted to share a few resources that have helped me during the last four and a half years of infertility. You can also read Our Story

I hope these resources are helpful: 

Prayer Warrior Program from www.CatholicandInfertile.com
This website offers lots of resources for couples experiencing infertility. My favorite is the prayer warrior campaign. By signing up online, your name and information is given to a religious community of sisters who will pray specifically for you and your intentions. We have a Dominican order in upstate New York praying for us. How cool is that? 

Following Hannah Primary Infertility Support Group, Naper.ville, IL
This Chicago-area support group is for women experiencing difficulty beginning their families due to primary infertility (no living children). It offers a loving, safe place to share and pray together with other women who are committed to following the Catholic Church’s teachings on reproductive technology. We meet on the first Saturday of each Month 9:00—10:30 am St. Paul Center Sts. Peter and Paul, Naper.ville, Illinois. For more info please contact me! Information on other support groups is available here.

Infertility/Miscarriage Greeting Cards and Art
These beautiful cards are from CarlyMarie, a women from Australia who suffered infant loss. They. are. amazing. She does butterfly and sand art (writing and drawing in the sand along the beach) and offers greeting cards for those experiencing infertility, infant loss, or miscarriage. Just looking through the online store is uplifting and soothing for me!!!

Chaplet of Hannah's Tears
This beautiful prayer is based on the story of Hannah in the Bible begging the Lord for a child: "In the bitterness of her soul she prayed to Yahweh with many tears" I Samuel 1:10. The prayer involves praying nine Our Father's, nine Hail Mary's, and nine Glory Be's. It includes scripture verses and simple meditations on trusting God and abandonment to his will. I have found this prayer very comforting.

Facing Infertility: A Catholic Approach
This is my favorite book on infertility from a Catholic perspective! Each chapter starts with a real-life story related to the topic: dealing with sadness, learning about treatment options, knowing your limits, understanding Catholic teaching, and keeping the faith in the midst of suffering.  It was encouraging to know I was not the only one feeling devastated by infertility. Each chapter ends with reflection questions, suggestions for friends and family, and a prayer. This book is a "must read" in my humble opinion.

Infertility Companion for Catholics
Another excellent book on how to cope with infertility. It has chapters on Catholic teaching, carrying the cross of infertility, and seeking God's will. I especially liked that there was a chapter written especially for men, which my hubby read and was able to relate to.

Infertility Blogs
This past year I've been especially blessed to follow several blogs of other women going through infertility. Sharing in the journey of these new friends helps lessen the weight of the burden. 

Below are a few blogs worth checking out (those with an * have children after primary infertility or are experiencing secondary infertility).


  1. This is a great list of resources! I especially love the prayer warriors and the Chaplet of Hannah's Tears -- never heard of either of them. Thank you!!

  2. Love the link to the website for the sisters who will pray for us. We actually have an order of sisters not too far from us. We've already visited with them and asked for prayers as we wait to adopt. I need to plan on stopping there again sometime soon!