Sunday, August 4, 2013

Home Study Here We Come

Hi all, this is Mike. As of last week, we have officially begun the home study process for adoption. We're working with Lutheran Child and Family Services. The home study is the process whereby a licensed social worker gives us the stamp of approval to adopt. We met with a wonderful woman named Cherie for our first (three and a half hour) meeting to go over details and next steps. So the next couple of months will involve: collecting, copying, and sending mounds of documents I haven't looked for in half a decade; individual interviews; couple interviews; a visit to our apartment; a stack of letters of recommendation; CPR class; child-proofing our home; cat vaccinations; on-line classes; several packets of dozens of articles to read; medical records and physicals. And we found out that the adoption process costs even more than we thought. It felt overwhelming when we got all the info at the meeting. Sometimes it still feels overwhelming. But as we've begun picking away at the list, even over just the last few days, it's not that bad. This process promises to be emotionally draining. But, I suppose that's what love is. I'm just going to keep reminding myself that we're doing all this as acts of love for the child who will be our son or daughter, who isn't even born yet! It's a bit demoralizing to think we're doing this all for the state, for the sake of bureaucracy and lawyers. But, if I'm dong it for my son or daughter, well, it isn't that bad.


  1. Love your reflection. I have heard from others it's such a crazy draining process and also personally intrusive, but I love your reflection...sacrificial love for your future child(ren). God bless!

  2. Good luck with the home study!! That's wonderful. I read in an adoption book last week that preparing for an adoption really is starting to be a parent already...the worries will change when (God-willing) you're blessed with a child, but even now you're sacrificing for your future children - the process to become a parent just looks a lot different =) I thought that was a wonderful perspective! Hope all the paper-finding and submitting goes well!

  3. I love this perspective! Easier said than done I'm sure, but a great reminder for when the state really starts to bother you with their tin foil in the fridge rules...

    1. Definitely easier said, than done! :) We have been so blessed to meet beautiful adoptive families lately and that has also been an inspiration to keep chugging along.