Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reflecting on Hope

From Mary Beth:

I recently met someone at church who, with his wife, went through infertility during the first few years of their marriage. They are now blessed with four children. He shared this regarding infertility in an email:  

"Infertility is a challenging cross for a couple to carry, and presses hard against the virtue of Hope. But hope in the Risen Christ is fundamentally different than all other human hopes that we have, and carries a power that transforms the desert into a place of renewal and dark tombs into resurrections. God just can't help Himself now after Easter Sunday, and He faithfully brings new life out of each and every cross in our lives."

How beautiful this is!

So many things came to mind. First of all, what is the virtue of hope? So often when I think of hope I think of my hope for children, my hope to be a mother, my hope for a family. But at the end of the day, hope is more than that. Our hope is Jesus Christ, and the salvation he has won for us. Because of his death and resurrection we have hope of eternal life. I need to remember the real object of hope.

I believe it really is true that hope in Christ “carries a power that transforms the desert into a place of renewal and dark tombs into resurrections.”  If we let them, the crosses of our lives (ie. infertility, sickness, unemployment, strained relationships, death of a loved one) can be transformed into something beautiful, something that makes us more like Christ, and something that gets us closer to heaven, the goal of our hope.


  1. I love this! And I think this is why we feel especially "alive" when we are hoping, even when it is for something of this world. That hope for something tangible points us to the ultimate Hope in Christ.

    1. I never thought of our more "immediate" hopes in that way. I love it, that is so true!