Friday, June 14, 2013

An Unexpected Blessing

I had an unexpected blessing this week. I'm part of a Catholic infertility group on Facebook. Though the group, I have "met" so many wonderful women who are also going through the struggle of infertility. I am so grateful for the support, prayers, and encouragement of the gals in the group, especially on my worst days. Mike and I even got together with one beautiful couple in our area, it is nice to make friends and know we are not alone.

This week a group member shared that she and her husband had adopted from Uganda. Fr. Celestine, the priest who married Mike and I, is from Uganda. Since getting to know Fr. Celestine, and some of his fellow Ugandan priests, we have developed a love for the country. The people from Uganda are some of the most joy-filled people I have met!

When I heard about this gal's adoption, I was intrigued and emailed her. She offered to share her story with me.

What a treat!

She spent over an hour sharing with me the beautiful story of how she and her husband adopted twins from an orphanage in Uganda.

Learn about the orphanage:

She shared the ups and downs, frustrations and excitement, and most importantly how God guided them through it all. I know God guides us and has a plan, but sometimes it really helps to hear concrete examples from someone's life. It certainly builds my faith.

It was encouraging to talk with someone who is still going through infertility, knows the deep sorrow and pain, but has also experienced the great joy of becoming parents through adoption.

God is so good. My new-found friend seems like such a kindred spirit. I wish we didn't live miles apart and could get together for coffee, I could meet her beautiful children, and ask her many more questions (Thank goodness she was sweet and made herself available as a resource on adoption in the future)!


  1. you both have been a blessing in our life! It's so beautiful to see you both reaching out to help others. We can't wait to see how the rest of your adoption story pans out!